Driving under the influence (DUI)

Why You Need a DUI Attorney ?

 Increased Penalties for an Ontario DUI

As a criminal case, even a first Ontario DUI conviction can carry serious penalties including:

  1. One year minimum Ontario driver license suspension
  2. Minimum $1000 Fine
  3. Numerous hours of the ‘Back on Track’ school
  4. Installation of a Breathalyzer Ignition System in your vehicle 
  5. Insurance rates are likely to double or triple

A DUI on your record can not only lead to higher auto insurance premiums, but can also jeopardize your general livelihood and employment. DUI penalties rapidly escalate if you have had prior DUI convictions.

DUI Lawyers Negotiate Strong Plea Bargains

Irrespective of trial success rate and getting cases dismissed, sometimes a client's best interests are served with a plea bargain. Instead of merely obtaining a plea bargain, a DUI lawyer can negotiate plea bargains to ensure the best possible outcome for their client.  

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